In the house in Metro Detroit where she was born and raised, a very young Julie Haven started singing to an audience as early as when she spoke her first word. It was there that she rescued an old upright piano that no one played and was in danger of being tossed away. Julie saved this lonely vessel of expression from piano heaven when her parents noticed her strong connection with it. Julie had found her best friend. A few years later, self taught, she composed her first song when she was only 7 years old. By the age of 13 she was performing solo shows at local music venues, always impressing her audience with the emotional maturity she conveyed in her songs.

Julie’s Moody Piano Pop blends the style of Tori Amos’ intricate piano work, the fire of Alanis Morissette, the conviction of Fiona Apple, with a few of her other influential songwriters including Chantal Kreviazuk, PJ Harvey, and Sarah Mclachlan, to make a unique sound of her own. Writing from her heart and her own experience, she allows her audience to personally connect with her music through her songs of love and heartbreak, personal growth, and self-discovery.

Aside from songwriting, Julie has always been driven to succeed. She built a reputation for being “one of the hardest working musicians in Detroit”, eventually gaining the respect of her peers. After over 2 decades of making a name for herself in Detroit, Julie felt it was time for a change and expanded her talents to South Florida in the winter of 2016. She continued her early snowbird lifestyle the following winter, until she decided to make South Florida her new homebase in January of 2018. She may be new to the area, but Julie Haven has already landed the lead female position in popular party band, bOunce. Now as a solo artist as well as one of the female lead singers in Detroit based Bluewater Kings Band (International Musicians League), Julie is in high demand in both Detroit and South Florida.

These days, while sharing her time between Metro Detroit and South Florida, Julie has a very busy touring schedule, while also making time to get back in the studio. She’s currently working with Producer Stephen Leiweke at Yackland Studio in Nashville, TN. A new album is in the works and fans are excited for its release in early 2019.

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